5 best ways to Greet your Hotel Guests on their Arrival

5 best ways to Greet your Hotel Guests on their Arrival


Greeting forms a connection between two unknown people and cultivates a good impression among the hotel guests. The hospitality industry is based on serving unknown people which makes greeting one of the most fundamental tools. It is the most effortless thing a person can do to get tremendous results. It can bring out positive words even out of the most arrogant person and can even act as a medicine for a person’s bad mood.

It makes a positive first impression on the guest and makes him feel comfortable and secured. Whenever a guest comes it the duty of the staff to attend that person as soon as possible. This makes the guest feel wanted and also gives him a home-like feeling.

Just imagine an unknown person who greets you with a hi, what will be your immediate reaction. The most probable answer would be hi in return no matter in which mood you are. This small greeting can sometimes even act as a medicine to your bad mood. This is the power of greeting that a person in a bad mood would also respond to it in a generous way.

Greeting helps to form a connection between unknown people and further raises the connection to a more personal level. A warm and sincere greeting can help you go through the guest’s most rigid defensive walls without getting a negative response. It helps initiate a conversation where both the unknown people are comfortable talking to each other.

It is the most important tool in building your first impression with the guest, and this first impression will definitely affect his way of responding to you. It is the most effortless thing you can do to make a good impression. Every human has a sense of fear when he is in an unknown environment, and this is where your greeting helps him fight that fear.

We can take an example from our personal life. Just imagine whenever the doorbell rings you leave all your work as soon as possible and attend that friend or family member standing behind the door. Once you open the door you greet them and try to make them feel special. The same goes for the guests as they also expect to be treated as special. A guest should never be left unattended as this may lead him to competitors while creating a bad impression on us. It should be our basic motto to make them feel special as they are the ones whose reviews matter the most.

There are five best practices for greeting the guests when they arrive:

1 Dressing:

It forms the first impression and welcoming a guest is just like going on the first date. If you are not presentable like if your dress is not ironed and your mouth stinks, then you will definitely not get the second date. The same goes for the guests if they don’t like the way you present yourself, they might look for other options next time. No matter how much we curse the judgemental world but its human nature to judge an unknown person from the time they meet them.

There is no difficulty in being presentable and it also boosts up the confidence of a person and helps him to do his work more smoothly. Maintain a uniform dress code with light colors among the guest as it induces a positive vibe.

2 Smile with a Greeting:

The next best and the most effortless thing with great results we can do is smile while greeting. It is believed that smile is the most warming and important thing we can do to the guests as they enter our hotel. Many renowned hotel groups follow the 10 to 5 rule which says that when the guest is at a distance of 10 feet we should make eye contact with him, give a smile, and offer to assist him. The smile is the only thing in these that will make him feel comfortable and will act as an icebreaker, that too such an icebreaker that the most introvert person would also respond to it. Greet them with a smile and they’ll feel as if they are between people known to them.

3 A Different Greeting:

Many hotels try to maintain a different greeting which is believed to be helpful. Let’s think that your hotel is located at a tourist place and people come from outside to spend their holidays. If your services are normal and good they will just remember that yeah our hotel stay was good. The human mind tends to remember things for a long time that are unusual or are negative. This is where you need to play your card and offer an unusual and classic entry to the guests. Its just that people visiting a tourist place want to have a bite of its local flavour and they will definitely remember it.

4 Offer to Assist Them:

When a guest arrives leave all your work and greet them while offering to assist them. This will induce a feeling of being wanted and they will feel comfortable. You may inquire (in a polite way) about their bookings and see to it that their rooms are allocated as soon as possible. Offer to show them around, help them in taking the luggage to their rooms, you could also offer some water to make them feel comfortable and give them a home like feeling.

5 Ask Questions:

(starting with questions related to their travel and then come to what are their requirements) When the guest arrives we usually ask for their bookings and their documents. The time between they giving their documents and allotting their room is the time you need to utilize in creating a relationship with the guest. You can ask them about how their travel was, add few good facts about the place they are coming from. These things give them a home like feeling. You can further inform them about all the amenities you offer and could ask them for any special requirements.

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