8 Impressive Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

8 Impressive Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

customer feedback

Customer feedback works as Oxygen. Each and every business works only to earn profits. The best way to earn good revenue is to serve the best quality to your customers.  By pursuing customer feedback, businesses can obtain a clear scenario of how the business is working, what is actually required by the customer and what needs to be altered. Assembling such feedback can, however, work as a challenge because businesses need to analyze upon the feedback and work accordingly. Just by collecting the feedback, it won’t work as a substitute. 

The traditional method of walking around the store and collecting the feedback would not work effectively. Rather using the capacity of technology and internet would give massive and instant results.

1.Attracting right customers

Evaluating, Testing and collecting customer feedback is important for any type of product as it works as a meter of liking, disliking etc, and helps in evaluating decision for the future. Contrarily, this is the best time which helps in building the relationship with the customers. There are various ways to reach out to potential customers and users.

attracting right customer

2. Get Feedback on Live Chat Session

Very similar to e-mail surveys, a feedback link is sent after the ticket has been closed in a customer support portal.  This feedback link is to get basic information like was the Live chat helpful. This helps in taking effective decision for chat support personnel.

live chat session

3. Attracting the right customers for your business

Here there can be two scenarios:

One is if you have more customers then there are better chances that you will find more customers who are willing to give feedback. Second is if you have more feedbacks from quality customers then there are better chances that you will attract more customers from those quality feedbacks.

To attract customers we can increase the conversion rate by simplifying their problems and pitching gently about the product while discussing uses and advantages of the same.

attract customers

4. Short in-app surveys

Application users are constantly in search of a good app which can minimize their daily routine. They are constantly in search of the products that can work better for them. More often they will not even reach to you if they didn’t like the design or maybe something is broken all they do is they uninstall and walk away. They will ask for support if the problem is big, so the best idea to deliver survey is while the customer is still using the application. As the user is still using the application, it can be very likely that he will be able to give precise feedback and not ambiguous.

We should not forget that users are using your application for the certain purpose and we should not irritate them by sending long surveys. We should give only 2 – 3 questions which are relevant to the page.

app surveys

5.Social Media Presence

Most brands have their social media pages which are maintained on a regular basis. Getting feedback from social media is the best method, and so it is very much necessary to have the social presence in the business. Social media platforms are very versatile so it helps in collecting high-quality customer feedback. Social media presence can show friendly appearance and help in making it more accessible for potential customers.

One of the biggest benefit of social media is we can easily respond to the customer feedback which will help in retaining and maintaining customers and can do wonders for the prominence of the business. Engaging customers on social media will encourage them to trust your company and be a loyal customer. Customers also know how to operate social media sites for their betterment which also makes it easy to provide honest, accurate and helpful feedback for other customers.



6.Net Promoter Score Surveys

The simplest way to get feedback from your customer is to ask them 1 simple question “will you recommend us to your friend or relative?” Mostly this is the method to measure sentiment about your customer for your product. Net Promoter Score Surveys can be examined when you want to understand the general sentiment of your users.

This is generally rated out of 10. People who rate 9 or 10 are known as ‘Promoters’, those who rate as 7 or 8 are ‘Passives’ and those who rate between 0 to 6 are known as ‘Detractors’

net promoters score

7.Treat Feedback Like a Hypothesis

After the collection of feedback, all we need to do is to filter out deviations that have already occurred and we need to pool the data and start bundling into different groups according to their structured and unstructured data. It is really worth describing that if we know our product and customer base, we can omit a lot of things. And as the product grows customers will get attracted to the brand.


8. Telephone Surveys

Surveys conducted through phones are likely to provide higher survey response rate as they are more personalized and provide better chances of reaching to your customers. The only threat with telephone survey is they are expensive. Conducting telephone survey to assemble customer feedback tends to be more expensive than an online survey.

According to the research, advantages of telephonic surveys are they tend to be more easy to contact, and people can respond quickly. But sometimes it’s hard to respond to their questions without visuals, It can make survey very tedious for respondents. 

For better surveys, Initially we should send a sample online customer survey which can be submitted online. By using customer survey we can find that customer to whom we can talk to and so further we can follow up with a phone call. And so this phone call can include some deeper and detailed questions that were not collected from an online survey.

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