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Importance of a Website for Hotels

Internet, something created for easy sharing of information has evolved to become the biggest platform for marketing. This priceless medium is rapidly becoming popular in the hospitality industry. It is believed that to stay in competition an online presence has become mandatory. The analogy is simple, just imagine that you are caught on an island with ...

How to Get Better Reviews & Ratings From Guests?

In today's tech-friendly world the guests and visitors have been empowered to have a significant take on the growth of your hotel business. According to some reports around 85% of customers prefer going through reviews apart from location and comfort of rooms before reserving their accommodation. Some reports also suggest that 90% of the customers mostly ...

8 Impressive Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

customer feedback
Customer feedback works as Oxygen. Each and every business works only to earn profits. The best way to earn good revenue is to serve the best quality to your customers.  By pursuing customer feedback, businesses can obtain a clear scenario of how the business is working, what is actually required by the customer and what ...

Essentials of Instagram and Facebook for Hoteliers

Hello hoteliers what according to you is the next most important thing after hotel website? I think you all know that it is Social Media presence. Let’s see how important is social media for a hotelier. Just assume that you have a good watch that has some special features and you want to sell it ...

Future of Global Distribution System and Travel Agencies

Future of Global Distribution System and Travel Agencies
Traveling is a universal field where billions of agents and customer come in contact through e-commerce and interchange services. The exertion of corporate travel management is generally assigned to Travel Management Companies (TMC). These companies use Global Distribution System(GDS) which is existing in the travel industry since early days of computerized reservations systems(CRS). HotelSimply one ...

Streamline your hospitality with HotelSimply

Property Management Systems, Hospitality Management
Hotel property management systems was appeared first used in 1980’s. It is an easy application for operational functions like sales, planning, reporting, online reservations, material management, maintenance management etc. Hotel Property management system comprises all about the managing of personal property, apparatus, tooling, and physical capital estate. Hotel management software is co-related to the management and business which ...
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