Easy Ways of Optimising Your Hotel’s Online Presence

Easy Ways of Optimising Your Hotel’s Online Presence


Hoteliers! Congratulations you have landed at the right place to enlighten yourself about optimising the online presence of your hotel.

If you are still confused about online presence you can get the best info through our blog on the importance of websites.

Now with your interest in this blog, I would like to assume that you at least have a website for your hotel or have registered your hotel with Online Travel Agents.

Now let’s understand how to optimise your online presence with a few simple steps.

It is a bad mindset that creating a website and registering with several OTA’s is enough to bring you bookings. The fact is that there are several other hotels like you in the market and unfortunately the internet prefers new and updated hotels. The basic thing is that you need to be updated to prove your participation in the race of getting guests.

Worried? Don’t be, as you have HotelSimply to back you.

Pay Heed to Your Guest Reviews

As a hotelier with an online presence majority of your guests would prefer to review your hotel after their stay. This is the place where they will give feedback on your hospitality. Just make sure that you reply to every review the guests give. The reviews may not always be good but you can easily manage them. Your replies to the reviews create a sense of authenticity among the potential guests and thus enhances your conversion rate.

Hotel Reviews

Redesign your Websites

Take a look at your website. Does it look as gracious as it should be? If there is any bit of doubt in your mind while answering the question do consider checking out new ways to make your website beautiful.

The website plays a huge role in bringing in guests and also creates the first impression of your hotel. It is as important as the comfort of your hotel. It is the window through which the guests will judge your hotel. If you need assistance you could contact HotelSimply anytime.

Search Engine Optimization

While creating your online presence you must have heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. What do you think about the significance of SEO?

To a newbie, it may sound like a not much relevant part of the website or is just something related to the technicality. Let me tell you the truth, that it is the most important part of your website as it decides the ranking of your website on search engines like Google. The SEO is a very vast subject to learn and you could need professionals like HotelSimply to handle the SEO part of your website. It is usually advised to take the help of a professional for SEO.


Social Networks

Try being active on the Social Media as it has the most number of potential guests. Now, just creating a page for your hotel would not do. It may be good to start but to keep up with the competition you need to be updated. This is the thing people tend to ignore and turn out to be away from using the most powerful marketing tool. You may update your discounted rates on the page. It may also have a place where people could thank you with their testimonials.

You could also it in another way. Do you remember the last not-so-popular hotel you stayed for a day on your last vacation? If you remember you may have a great memory or the hotel would have been very nice. Sadly, most of the guests who stay at your hotel tend to forget the name of your hotel. This is where social media plays its game. Your daily or a bit frequent posts on your page will help them remember your hotel subconsciously. This would nearly double the chances of them returning back to your hotel on their next trip.

There are many more ways to optimize your online presence which you can do with the help of HotelSimply. Contact HotelSimply any time of the day and they will be happy to get back to you with profitable suggestions.


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