Essentials of Instagram and Facebook for Hoteliers

Essentials of Instagram and Facebook for Hoteliers


Hello hoteliers what according to you is the next most important thing after hotel website? I think you all know that it is Social Media presence. Let’s see how important is social media for a hotelier. Just assume that you have a good watch that has some special features and you want to sell it. You would register it on search engines like google but do you think people will directly reach, as there are many other competitors selling the same kind of watch. If your watch has some unique features then also, how will people know about those features. This is where social media comes into the picture. Through social media which has the highest reach, you can tell people about your watch and thus bring a huge number of customers.

The same goes for hotels. You just need to have a page on Facebook that tells the people about your hotel which also would contain reviews from people who have stayed there. This creates a sense of authenticity for the guests and thus brings you more guests.

Let’s see what are the essential things you need on your social media page:



This is the most obvious thing you need to do on Instagram. Post some good pictures of your hotel that will attract guests towards your hotel. You could keep a landscape photo of your hotel as the cover image. This would form a good impression in front of your guests.

Photos that look lively

Now I would like to call lively photos as ordinary photos. It may be a photo a common man working at the hotel may take. It could be the photo of the daily hustle bustle or a random image of a colleague. This induces a sense of authenticity and can be liked by the guests more than the photoshopped perfect photo.

Highlight nearby Attractions

Post unique photos of nearby attractions, this is one of the best ways to attract traffic to your hotel as people would be looking for hotels near attractions.

Use photos from users

You can share photos taken by guests as they would have the maximum level of authenticity and would convince the most sceptic man.


Website URL

Whenever you make a Facebook page you can mention your website URL which would reflect on your page and would allow people to access your hotel website. This may bring more bookings as well as followers.

Contact Details

Display the proper contact details and address. Try maintaining the same contact details as in google because it will help in SEO. If at all there are any discrepancies try to fix them out. Not only on Facebook, these details should be consistent everywhere.

Check for duplicate pages

This may be a tedious job but you need to do this as the existence of duplicate pages can harness your online reputation. Check for duplicate pages although it may take time for Facebook to pull off the page, however, you still need to report them and ask other people also to do so.

Consistent Branding

Try keeping the brand or your hotel’s logo very clear on the page. It’s better to keep the logo as the profile picture as it would help people recognize your hotel the next time they see it somewhere. You can use the cover space to keep a beautiful landscape photo of your hotel and also use it to post periodical discounts of the hotel. This will keep the people informed and would definitely compel them in making bookings with you for their next trip.

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