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1. What do I get with HotelSimply?

HotelSimply brings front desk management, housekeeping and materials management, online rooms and rates management, customer management and ability to accept online reservations and payments from all channels. All HotelSimply services work on the web and on mobile phones. HotelSimply is your one-stop solution for all your online hotel management needs!

2. Why is this an online application and not a program that runs on my computer?

a. An online application can be accessed from anywhere anytime while a standalone application can only be accessed from a single computer that it has been installed on.

b. Standalone applications only come up with updates periodically, but with online application when our developers enhance something, it is available instantly to everyone without having to buy a new version of the software.

c. Standalone applications store data locally. This means that if your computer crashes, you lose all your data…data which is extremely vital for your business. With an online application, data is automatically backed up. So even if your workstation crashes, since your data is safe and secure, you can always log in later and access it.

3. Is my data safe on your servers?

Yes! Statistically your data is far safer being housed on our secure servers than it would be on any workstation. Our software runs on high reliability servers, while applications that run on your local workstation are much more susceptible to data loss and intrusion by hackers.

4. What are my computer system requirements?

Unlike traditional PMS, HotelSimply runs via the Internet, not your local computer. All you need is a browser to manage everything concerning your property, rooms, rates, customers and promotions.

5. How do I get started with HotelSimply?

Give us a call at 080-4064 0707 (India) or drop us a email at sales@hotelsimply.com and we will get back to you ASAP.