Get a step ahead of the competitionGet a step ahead of the competition

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Predict Competitor Pricing

Stay competitive. Know your competitor’s room price

 HotelSimply Rate Watch is a pricing comparison tool for your property. Rate Watch consistently tracks competitor rates and updates them real-time on your system So, optimize your rate strategy to outsmart competition and boost your revenues. Optimize your rate strategy to outsmart competition and boost your revenues.

Keep the competition guessingKeep the competition guessing

Monitor, Track and Predict Competitor Pricing before it happens
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Know your competitor’s price

Get per complete tariff card for competitors business and vary your prices accordingly.

Get rates from all booking sources

Get meta-search like rate comparison of the OTA rates being pushed by you and your competitors

Rate Change Trend

Understand the rate change process through graphically depicted and easy to understand rate change trend on your dashboard.

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