Future of Global Distribution System and Travel Agencies

Future of Global Distribution System and Travel Agencies

Future of Global Distribution System and Travel Agencies

Traveling is a universal field where billions of agents and customer come in contact through e-commerce and interchange services. The exertion of corporate travel management is generally assigned to Travel Management Companies (TMC). These companies use Global Distribution System(GDS) which is existing in the travel industry since early days of computerized reservations systems(CRS). HotelSimply one of the best tour operators are extensively using hotel management software and bus ticketing software for bus reservation seats. And as well as for hotel booking software for rooms through a single point of access and other travel akin elements by software travel agents, online reservation software and large corporations. These automation advancements in this fields expedite a better practice of cross-selling to partner transporters through travel agents. It eliminates the dependency on a dedicated global GDS federating between systems.

Some opinion on the topic of the blog, about the future of GDS and travel agencies. It will be like dinosaurs using new techniques for basic altercation which is related to their expenses. Suppliers and their situation between suppliers and consumers, which interferes with the direct relationships suppliers demand. It accelerates technology that has enabled endless booking opportunities.

Due to advancement in the internet and mobile automation, there will be an first of all threat to GDS. A total number of agents using GDS fell from 90%in 2005 to 75%in 2011. Changes and growth are always welcomed so even though it changes today or tomorrow. The GDSs are always going to perform the lion’s share of content however they are going to look at it differently. GDS provides a digital marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers to allow for the smooth processing of travel transactions and technical standards to simplify sales of all types of travel interim products and services at all stop in the travel course.

Another opinion of potential and content extension of GDSs is to see more development among the GDSs. It has become a direct corporate booking engines rather than a tool used entirely by travel management company, whatsoever they look like in 2020. GDSs is composed of a travel distribution chain that will be more smooth. It also connects supplier-direct channels and online booking engines with all kind of powerful search engines.

Online booking engines for HotelSimply

Travel Agents still now devoted customers of GDS because of:

  • Familiar transactions which are fast, convenient and suitable
  • Bundled packages always attract consumers at selling point
  • Great source for corporate travellers
  • It has an absolute ability to update product information in real time
  • Reduction in manpower
  • Connecting people becomes easier and affordable
  • Decision making has made easy with the help of analytical results
  • Easy comparison of rates, amenities – easy to interface
  • Saves time and lead to better exposure of the property

GDS would not be cheap at begining stage, but the combination of services included will be mind-blowing in the future.

Services which include for travel agent commissions are:

  • Hotel switching fees
  • GDS pass through fees
  • Commission tracking fees
  • Credit card fees
  • Bank clearance fees
  • Telefax
  • Other service confirmation fees

As Global Distribution Systems has become mind-blowing. It has been difficult for bus reservation system and hotel management software if they don’t connect with a huge market segment of customers.

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