How to Get Better Reviews & Ratings From Guests?

How to Get Better Reviews & Ratings From Guests?


In today’s tech-friendly world the guests and visitors have been empowered to have a significant take on the growth of your hotel business. According to some reports around 85% of customers prefer going through reviews apart from location and comfort of rooms before reserving their accommodation. Some reports also suggest that 90% of the customers mostly do not book rooms in hotels with bad reviews or no reviews.

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How can good reviews be managed?

This brings us to the next and the most important question of how to maintain good reviews.

Let’s just first understand the meaning of good reviews and rating. Anything above 4-star rating is considered to be a good rating. You may have guests who would have given a bad review for very silly shortcomings. So it is advisable to maintain a good balance between good and bad reviews, where the good reviews should be on the higher side.

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As a hotelier, you need to accept a harsh truth that a person who was satisfied with your service, may or may not post a review for your hotel whereas a person with a bad experience will definitely write a bad review for your hotel. This brings the need of encouraging the guests to post a review for your hotel.

How to handle a bad review?

Knowing about the significance of reviews and the ubiquity of bad review the next thing that strikes the mind of a hotelier is about how to handle these bad review.

According to a survey it is good to address these review as it creates a positive impact on the people searching for the review. This gesture also induces a feeling of trust towards you and thus helps you turn it into a bad-but-profitable review. While replying to these reviews you just need to be a bit careful to churn out the most.

Just Start with a thank you to the customer and follow it up with an apology (if it’s relevant) for the situation. Then share the measures you plan to take or have taken to avoid the problem in the future. This will help feel the guest special and he may even reply with a positive answer thus nullifying the effect of the review.

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