Importance of a Website for Hotels

Importance of a Website for Hotels


Internet, something created for easy sharing of information has evolved to become the biggest platform for marketing. This priceless medium is rapidly becoming popular in the hospitality industry. It is believed that to stay in competition an online presence has become mandatory.

The analogy is simple, just imagine that you are caught on an island with many other people and you need to escape. The only way to escape is being carried off by a helicopter which carries only one person at a time. The majority of people on the island is waving hands, and a few intellectual people are waving flags with help written on it. There is a person called HotelSimply on the island who is selling flags at a reasonable rate to increase your chances of being rescued. So, what would you like to do in such a situation? I guess you will prefer to buy a flag to help yourself.

The same goes with the hospitality industry, the people have an option of buying a website from HotelSimply and standing out to attract more customers but still, they prefer in competing in the rat race with other hotels.

Now that you have understood the importance let’s go through some benefits of websites:

Presence on Google

A hotel with a website has more chances of appearing on google search engine. In today’s tech-savvy world if a person has to book a hotel in a place not known to him he would definitely go to google. A hotel with a good website in that location has more chances of serving such potential guests. The bookings will depend will depend on various other factors, to know check our blog and contact HotelSimply to increase your bookings to multiple times.


Proves Authenticity on OTA’s

The potential guests searching for hotels also use the OTA’s to choose their hotels. There they tend to search for a hotel according to their preferences. They also check reviews and ratings which induces a sense of authenticity. It also increases the probability of direct bookings thus saving you some OTA commission.

Accurate Contact Details

Every hotel website has complete contact details while many also attach a google map location. These features apart from giving the contact details also prove the physical presence of the hotel. Nowadays the websites have become as important as the land below the hotel. It is at a reachable distance for the guests on a global scale.


Are you worried about your hotel’s website? Shed your worries to HotelSimply and they will take care of everything.

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