Simple Ways of Increasing Direct Bookings for your Hotel

Simple Ways of Increasing Direct Bookings for your Hotel

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Greetings from HotelSimply, a friend to hoteliers. With your interest in the topic, I am assuming that you must be a Hotelier. If it’s true then rest assured because you have dropped in at the correct place.

Let’s start with discussing about Online Travel Agents (OTA’s). Its tried and tested that OTA’s are a good platform to advertise your hotel. I believe its true but partially. It is true that an OTA gives your hotel a better exposure and the potential guests to compare the hotel’s on an OTA. They also increase our chance of getting bookings due to their huge reach. These things may be satisfying but the things we tend to ignore is that these OTA’s are gradually decreasing our direct bookings for a huge amount of commissions. As the wise say its better to keep a backup rather than being dependent on a single source of business.

Hoteliers need to also focus on direct bookings and we have listed to some of the most simple ways of increasing direct bookings.


Added Offers for Direct Bookings through your Website

Its great to give some concessions on direct bookings through your website to attract guests. If discounts are something you don’t like then you may try some other options. You could put special offers like a complimentary breakfast or something like giving a welcome drink.

Now you must be wondering that why offers are necessary. Then let me tell you that these offers will not only satisfy the guests but it will also tempt other guests in your hotel to do a direct booking with you the next time they visit. This will in-turn enhance the guest traffic and will also save you from huge commissions.



Boost your Online Presence

Create an SEO-friendly website that will be your own online portal to attract direct bookings without any third-party’s interference. You also need to be active on other online platforms like social media handles just to be easily reachable for your potential guests. The online presence of your hotel will make it easier for you to have a good reach and will also keep you updated in the competitive hospitality industry. It is the new effective way of marketing that will help you out to come up in the industry.

For any assistance contact HotelSimply.


Construct a Marvellous Content

The social media handles and digital advertising may bring you visitors but the content is the only thing that will compel the guests to book a room with you will be the content and the way it’s displayed.

Just imagine, that your friend told you to visit a place where good cookies are being served. You visit the place and find that the place is very dirty, but the cookies are tasty. Would you visit it again? No right, it is the same with your website.

Your website content and design are both very important for conversions. It takes great dedication to creating a good website but you need not worry as you have HotelSimply. You just need to contact them and they will definitely help you out.

Be Active in the reviews section of your website

The last thing you need to do is being active on the review section of your hotel. Read through the reviews and if they are good, thank them. In case the reviews are bad, apologize and give a diplomatic defensive statement. For more ways to deal with reviews visit our blog on reviews and ratings.

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