Streamline your hospitality with HotelSimply

Streamline your hospitality with HotelSimply

Property Management Systems, Hospitality Management

Hotel property management systems was appeared first used in 1980’s. It is an easy application for operational functions like sales, planning, reporting, online reservations, material management, maintenance management etc. Hotel Property management system comprises all about the managing of personal property, apparatus, tooling, and physical capital estate. Hotel management software is co-related to the management and business which includes addition, monitors, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization, and inclination of the property.

Out of all HotelSimply provides is a cloud- based hotel PMS which provides a GDS comprehensive solution for your improvement of hotel sales and increase clarity across multiple distribution platforms. With our reasoning of simplifying hotel operations, we desire for higher bookings, expanded occupancy, efficient hotels. With HotelSimply GDS, we connect your hotel to major bus booking company, online travel agents, and hotel accommodation distributors to assemble one of the biggest databases of unique travellers in India. This collaboration allows HotelSimply to deliver an extraordinary traffic of proposed guests to your hotel properties.

With the improvement of cloud based PMS computing, hospitality management systems have expanded their process by approaching modern service areas like customer covering features. These include online check-in, room service, in-room controls, guest-staff communication, virtual attendant etc. Guests can easily use these functionsthrough their mobile devices provided by the hotel.

It barbarizes hotel operations like:

  • Online Booking engine
  • Reputation Management
  • Competitor Mapping
  • Housekeeping
  • Front desk management
  • Material Control
  • Channel Manager
  • Website CMS
  • Point of sale management
  • Central reservation systems
  • Paperless communication
  • Automated internal communication
  • Easy counter operations

A favourable cloud based PMS should provide authentic and timely information on the key performance indicators of a hotel business like occupancy rate and help the food and beverages management control know about the stocks in the store room and help in taking decisions of what to buy, how much to buy and how often to buy. HotelSimply believes in providing multiple options, as they provide customized solutions according to the property size and it is easily handled through a single dashboard. They provide:

  • More Exposure, Higher Conversions.
  • Increased Traffic, Better Visibility, More Booking.
  • Cloud Hosted, Data Safe, Streamlined Operations.
  • Turn your Guests into Evangelists for your brand
  • Bed and Breakfast Operations
  • Tailor made – budgeted hotels
  • Maintain Reputation for your property – Star property
  • Power Up your- Serviced Apartments
  • Resort Management Simplified
  • Manage Group Hotels easily

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